Case Study: Enabling Connectivity for Temporary Hospitals

Melinda Walker Blog, Wireless

To support the need for new temporary hospitals capable of providing Covid-19 testing, Red River partnered with healthcare organizations to deploy our wireless LAN (WLAN) solution to locations across the mid-Atlantic region. This deployment was the first step toward ensuring immediate and secure internet access to these temporary field clinics.

Although not always top of mind when erecting a field clinic, network connectivity is essential for the onsite medical equipment and devices. Doctors and nurses depend on a fast, secure and reliable internet connection to provide basic patient care. Unfortunately, hospitals’ IT staff often is not equipped to deal with the challenges of establishing a wireless network connection at a remote location. Lending our experience in technology adoption, we’ve developed a self-contained ruggedized kit that can be deployed quickly and managed remotely.

Our team wanted to remove the complexity out of setting up a remote network connection and provide a solution that required minimal configuration before working. We understood that the consequences for an unreliable internet connection meant an interruption to patient care, so this WLAN kit combined several LTE technologies from a variety of OEM partners to ensure a stable wireless connection.

Along with needing to be deployed quickly, our solution needed to conform with the hospitals’ current network security policy. In order to solve this challenge, we enabled these kits to securely tie back to the client’s backend corporate systems. Essentially, we were able to have our kits simply connect to the hospitals’ existing network to ensure security and reduce cost. The mobile hotspot would connect back to the corporate network, so nurses and doctors had access to their healthcare applications and files without worrying if they were on a secure connection. The goal was to allow the on-site staff to work as if they were local to the hospital.

So far, we have deployed over 30 kits to various locations in the mid-Atlantic and will continue to support future temporary clinics. The initial deployment for these kits has been successful and has enabled these remote hospitals to quickly get online. Our entire team is proud to lend our experience to support healthcare workers as they expand Covid-19 testing throughout the United States.

We are continuing to work closely with hospitals and healthcare agencies to refine and deploy these kits.  Red River remains committed to optimizing our WLAN kits to reduce the setup time and keep pace with doctors and nurses as they provide immediate patient care.

Thank you to our engineers and OEM partners who worked quickly to design and implement this mobile WLAN solution to field clinics.