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With so many advancements in mobility, networking, collaboration and unified communications, Federal agencies and business enterprises can quickly increase their overall effectiveness and capabilities by simply investing in new technology. This is especially true with the latest communication systems, which can have a lasting impact on any business regardless of industry. As Red River’s Senior Director of Technical Services, I’m fortunate enough to be on the ground floor of many of our next-generation Unified Communications solutions – and I’m excited to share my knowledge with Red River blog readers.

Having worked in the IT industry for the past 20 years, I’ve never been more energized to see all of the new solutions and capabilities that are being created almost every day. Unified Communications has never been more relevant, and Red River is at the forefront of developing new ways for employees stay connected with their business or agency. After assembling a highly experienced engineering team, we have been able to bring unique capabilities to our customers, specifically in Federal, Civilian and Healthcare markets.

Providing the Solutions that Keep People Connected

I learned early in my career that there’s always room for improved communications between two or more entities. Having worked for 15 years at Cisco as a Systems Engineer Manager and as a Telecommunications Engineer at Minnesota Power before that, I delivered and installed leading edge healthcare architectures and solutions to customers in Federal and Healthcare markets. As Red River’s Senior Director for Technical Services, I’ve continued this passion for building out and supporting these advanced communication and collaboration solutions. Whether that’s between an employee and their boss or between a patient and their doctor, connecting people together through technology has always been important to me and has influenced my work throughout my career.

One of the reasons I feel Unified Communications or UC is so important is because of the roll it will play in our future. If we’re talking about Cloud technology and the Internet of Things, we’re really talking about communication between devices. Imagine an overworked nurse who’s responsible for administering various drugs at specified times to all of her patients. In the past, medical records were all done on paper, causing nurses to be prone to errors. Responding to these errors would be slow (if at all) causing serious problems for patients. Newer communications systems keep nurses connected to their patients, putting improved healthcare capabilities at their disposal to let them know when a drug needs to be administered, the dosage, and the type of drug. Simple improvements such as electronic record keeping and notifications can drastically improve patient care and outcomes in hospitals and medical centers.

This kind of connection can also be applied between user and device. A factory floor manager might not be able to check all of his machine tools in an assembly line. But with a comprehensive UC system, these machines can notify the manager when they are in need of repair. This keeps the floor manager more connected with his business while improving the overall efficiency of the factory.

That’s why I’m so passionate about this subject. Its impact is plainly visible in the world today, whether that’s a weekly 30-minute call with coworkers or an air traffic controller responding to an inflight emergency – and its future potential is limitless.  In future blog posts, I’ll discuss what we mean when we say “Connected World,” how new communications systems are improving patient care, and the impact of Deployable Solutions.

Wade Van Guilder – Senior Director, Technical Services


Wade Van Guilder is a seasoned technologist, organizational leader and engineering champion focused on innovation and aligning technology solutions to business impact.  He currently leads Red River’s pre-sales engineering organization, is responsible for the company’s technology portfolio and associated go-to-market strategy, and oversees Red River’s technical certification programs. Van Guilder sits on various technical advisory councils for large technology manufacturers and is passionate about driving mission impact through the use of technology.  Over the past three years his team has architected more than 40 solutions with a focus on improving the ability and effectiveness of government and enterprises’ to serve their customers.

Prior to joining Red River in 2013, Van Guilder spent over 14 years with Cisco Systems leading a worldwide team which drove significant technical solution sales within the Federal Healthcare, Department of Defense and Service Provider markets.  Early in his career, Van Guilder served as a telecommunications professional and network engineer at Minnesota Power, NordicTrack and SUPERVALU.  Van Guilder graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree, holds an MBA from the University of St. Thomas and maintains his Professional Engineering (PE) License in the state of Minnesota for electrical engineering

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