Has Your Storage Turned into a Three-Ring Circus?

RRAdministrator Blog

There are circus performers who have an easier balancing act than some IT managers responsible for determining the amount of required storage capacity for their department. With needs changing quickly and procurement timelines lengthy, organizations can find themselves tying up unnecessary capital purchasing storage that goes unused if they guess high or scrambling to keep up if they lowball. It’s an exhausting act that can hamper productivity, overtax staff and hamstring positive results.

Working Without a Net

Current estimates say the world’s populations create nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day. As our big data capabilities and needs expand, what’s the best way to keep up?

Purchasing the equipment necessary to enlarge on-site storage capabilities can present budgeting and space problems and the likelihood of being stuck with outdated equipment. Leasing options usually result in long-term contracts and technology that could become incompatible with newer equipment by the time the agreement terminates. And whatever infrastructure and hardware is procured needs to align with application performance requirements and work with legacy systems, while also considering security and scalability. The technological landscape is changing constantly and rapidly, which makes locking yourself into purchased equipment or long-term leases a high wire act on so many levels.

A Simple, Secure Solution

We figured there had to be a better way, which is why we developed our Storage Capacity on Demand solution. This service offers the opportunity to increase your storage capacity within days instead of weeks and months. If your needs decrease, a simple phone call can adjust the storage to levels more appropriate levels. Our system allows you to pay for only the amount of storage you need and is totally private so you maintain control of your data at all times.

Red River’s Storage Capacity on Demand delivers:

  • Increased capacity within days instead of weeks to reduce downtime and decreased productivity
  • Flexible service agreements that allow you to respond quickly to the needs of individuals or entire departments
  • At-a-glance monitoring through a single dashboard screen that offers a real-time view of activity throughout your system
  • A flexible, usage-based payment plan to keep costs down and predictable
  • Installation and ongoing maintenance of up-to-date technology that melds with existing legacy infrastructure, saving you the overhead of doing it yourself
  • Access to leading technology from an expansive partner network to create a solution customized to your specific needs
  • Operations and maintenance support to keep your team on task, devoting their time to the important work of innovating for your organization

Red River’s Storage Capacity on Demand offers speed of service, flexibility and the power to evolve. By helping you manage expenses by offering cost-efficient solutions that grow with as your organization does, your team will have the opportunity to focus on the work instead of a juggling act.

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