New Approach to Networking Blends Development and Engineering

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Last week Red River’s Enterprise Networking Manager Danny Finein earned his DevNet Associate certification from Cisco and in doing so, became a member of the elite DevNet 500.

The DevNet program represents a shift in how networking is configured, combining engineering and software. The DevNet certification is awarded to individuals who prove competence in programmability over a suite of network products and validates skills in software development methodology and techniques, as well as familiarity with automation.

Now the most cutting-edge infrastructure needs to programmable to interface with applications and align with digital trends. More networking configurations are becoming automated by utilizing APIs, vastly improving speed and flexibility. Engineers like Danny don’t have to programmers but having an understanding of scripts and APIs allows them to take an integrated approach to networking that digital-first organizations need. Red River can look at a network from all sides of the equation to deliver a modern, holistic solution.

And while the DevNet program is new, this is just the latest in our rich history of Cisco certifications and accolades. Red River is a longstanding Cisco Gold Certified Partner, and one of only a handful of partners who hold both Master Collaboration and Master Security Specializations in the Federal market. This past Fall, we were awarded a Cisco Partner Summit Geographical Region award for Federal Partner of the Year, as well as Federal Software and Services Partner of the Year.

Red River is proud to support Danny and our other engineers as they combine their expertise and decades of experience in Cisco hardware with cutting-edge approaches to networking, automation and development.