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Something’s Rotten in the Data Center

When you invest in IT, you expect it to work. It’s all too easy to focus on the benefits new hardware or software solutions promise to deliver, particularly when those shiny, pre-tested, fully-integrated racks are deployed, or you roll out a leading-edge application across your IT environment. But it’s bound to happen.

Before too long, it’s the middle of the night and something’s not right in the data center. A critical process that has run smoothly for months has failed. A crucial server is not responding. The network is down. You’re the person on-call, and with some luck you may have even pinpointed the problem, but you have no idea which pieces of your agency’s critical infrastructure are actually covered by support. You also don’t have the time or patience to deal with the overseas phone-tree that awaits if you call the 800 number of one of the big OEMs.

Unfortunately, this is a scenario that far too many database administrators, network engineers and IT specialists across the U.S. have experienced first-hand. And it’s one of the primary reasons that having direct access to a Support Services Practice is so important.

You shouldn’t have to wonder who to call – or whether or not a piece of equipment is covered by a support contract. You likely don’t want the hassle of dealing with your organization’s own contracting or purchasing office and the OEM to see how or if you can get an IT component fixed. What you need is informed, easy-to-access help from experts who understand the intricacies of OEM service contracts, and a fix or replacement right away.

Risks You Can’t Afford to Take

Some still ask the question, “Why do we need support?” At the most basic level, you don’t want to pay the exorbitant prices to repair equipment that isn’t covered by support. Time and materials costs can and do hit businesses who forego support as well as government agencies who, in good faith, intend to cover their equipment, but make mistakes in record keeping, don’t know what they own, what is covered, or when support needs to be renewed.

The simple fact is: In today’s connected world, when IT isn’t working, nothing is working. IT failure for commercial enterprises is costly and can lead to potentially devastating business losses. For military agencies, IT failures can be deadly.

Investing in support isn’t typically a choice for most government agencies as they are mandated to cover equipment. Compliance requirements aside, the risk involved in intelligence or military system failure could lead to loss of life. That’s a risk you simply cannot take. You need support because you can’t afford not to have it.

Get Back to Your Real Job

Most businesses and agencies do invest heavily in support. The real frustration comes from trying to find out exactly what’s covered and navigating the real complexities of OEM service contracts. No one wants to sort through a myriad of service contracts when a problem does occur. Moreover, no one want to spend time counting serial numbers, doing true-ups or managing renewals. You have a real job. A true Support Services Practice lets you get back to it.

Red River established its Support Services Practice because we care about our customers. We understand the frustrations that can accompany support and have certified professionals and program managers focused entirely on alleviating the complex and time consuming process of maintaining multiple service contracts and managing support for IT assets from multiple vendors.

As a vendor-agnostic practice that holds agreements with all of the major OEMs, we can consolidate multiple service contracts and warranties into one customer support agreement. Plus, our secure proprietary web-based service Red Connect, lets you immediately determine the service contract eligibility of an IT asset for support and maintenance. So, you can stop wondering what’s covered and jump straight to the front of the line within OEM service ticket systems.

Find out why so many businesses and agencies rely on Red River Support Services in this new video and contact us to experience best-in-class IT support and maintenance tailored to your organizational or mission-critical needs.

Why is Solid Support Important to You?

When hardware fails, systems freeze or data center disasters occur, it can feel like the world is imploding, especially when it’s 3 a.m. or you’re getting ready to launch a new initiative. Has there been a time that a solid support team (be it Red River or someone else) has come to your rescue? Share your IT nightmares and let us know what you look for in a Support Services team in the comments section below.



As Director of Support Services, Rebecca is responsible for the overall go-to market message and driving revenue in all of Red River’s support services business.  In this role, her team is responsible for revenue, profitability and all maintenance contracts, including sales, customer service and contract administration.  With Rebecca’s focus on growing top line revenue, Red River’s support services business has increased over 300% over the past seven years.  In 2010 Rebecca earned the prestigious “Think Red” award after being named “Rookie of the Year” in 2009.

Rebecca reports directly to Jeff Sessions, President of Corporate Strategy.

Rebecca brings over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry. Prior to Red River, she spent 2 years at Sun Microsystems growing their federal services business on the DOD and DHS team where she earned awards for outstanding sales achievement and attended the Elite Sales Academy.


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