9 Ways Azure Managed Services Are More Efficient than Flying Solo

Corrin Jones Blog, Cloud, Managed Services

When it comes to an Azure infrastructure, your business doesn’t need to go it alone. If you’re thinking about an Azure deployment, you should also be thinking about enlisting the services of an MSP. An Azure managed services provider will be able to help you leverage Azure in ways that you may not be able to if you’re trying to manage your infrastructure alone.Here are some of the most important advantagesof Azure managed services.

1. Focus on Your Business

Instead of managing your Azure system, have someone else manage it for you. Instead of having to focus on the daily monitoring and management of your Azure operations, you can pay attention to the operations of your business.When you have an Azure managed services provider, you have specialists who are able to do what they do best while you do what you do best. And that means that you’re able to create a more efficient business process overall.

2. Get Issues Mitigated Fast

Issues with Azure can potentially take your entire business down, at least temporarily. Azure managed services providers are able to mitigate issues and threats faster, due to their additional resources and their ability to concentrate solely on your high priority issues. The faster your issues are mitigated, the less it’ll cost you in terms of both time and money.

3. Improve Upon Your Cost Management

Azure cost management can be exceptionally complex. An MSP can pay for itself by optimizing and reducing your resource usage and your costs. An MSP that specializes in Azure will be able to analyze your resource needs to tell you what you need and what you can cut off. As your organization scales, and its needs change, your MSP will be able to advise you on the most cost-effective ways in which to upgrade your services.

4. Get Help with Deployment

An Azure deployment can be complex. MSPs are able to help an organization with deployment, ensuring that the company’s infrastructure is transitioned correctly. Deployment can be the most sensitive time for a business, and it opens the business up to potential issues such as downtime and data loss. The expertise of an MSP will reduce the amount of time deployment takes and reduce the risk of unexpected issues occurring.

5. Future-Proof Your System

An MSP won’t just set up your Azure infrastructure, but it will also help you to future-proof it. MSPs are able to dig into your organization’s current and future needs,to find the solutions that will work best for your businessboth today and tomorrow. As your business requires additional features and resources, your MSP will be able to investigate new solutions and update your system accordingly.

6. Gain Access to Specialized Resources

When you engage with an MSP, you gain immediate access to a pool of experienced specialists. Rather than having to rely upon the expertise of your own internal IT department, you can connect with your MSP’s team whenever you encounter issues or have questions. An MSP gives you access to expert professionals that might be otherwise not cost-effective enough for a business to directly and permanently employ. And that means that you have the information that your business needs to properly manage and maintain your Azure deployment.

7. Get Better Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is extremely important today. Modern businesses face threats from all angles: malicious insiders, external attackers, and even well-meaning accidents by employees. An Azure managed service will be able to create an entire disaster recovery plan for your business, so your business will be able to react quickly to potential threats.

8. 24/7 Monitoring and Support

Most businesses can’t afford 24/7 monitoring from an internal IT team. But issues with Azure can happen any time of day, leaving a company crippled once it needs to resume operations in the morning. With an Azure managed services provider, a company has 24/7 monitoring and support. Regardless of when a threat is detected or a system disruption occurs, a team will be available to try to fix it.

9. Better Security and Patch Management

Azure managed services will be able to handle issues such as Azure patch management for your organization, improving its security and freeing up your IT department to concentrate on other tasks. With Azure managed services, your organization won’t need to worry about routine and mundane tasks associated with Azure —and that means that your security will be improved without needing to invest additional resources into it.

Azure is important for many companies, but not every company is fully prepared to manage Azure on its own. If you want to benefit from Azure technology, but don’t want to manage the service yourself, Azure managed services will help. A managed services provider can help you deploy, manage, and maintain your Azure deployment. Find out more from Red River.