Mobile VoIP advancements offer new benefits with support

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Anytime, anywhere communications have steadily become a top priority for organizations in a variety of industries in recent years. As new devices have emerged for interacting, working and collaborating employees have come to expect heightened accessibility. The benefits of embracing the shift toward a mobile workforce are extensive, including quicker, more flexible decision-making as well as improved productivity. One technology that has enabled firms to work from anywhere, at any time is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). As these solutions have advanced, mobile capabilities have offered even more advantages than ever before.

ITWeb explained that just several years ago, the market finally embraced VoIP, but broadband providers lagged behind, hindering deployments. Now, these tools have become a necessity for many enterprises, with mobile VoIP fast becoming the new requirement. With more mobile users accessing the Internet from their phones, there are significant opportunities for leveraging the benefits of VoIP. In fact, the source asserted that consumer pressures combined with the availability of VoIP apps in the growing smartphone market have indicated that mobile VoIP is no longer the future of communications, but the present.

Transitioning to a mobile workforce
One sector in particular that has reaped the rewards of VoIP is the healthcare community. ITWorld noted that given the inherent security needs surrounding data in a healthcare operation, mobility can be a challenge. Still, a mobile workforce has many advantages for this industry, as physicians are able to communicate with peers and make faster judgments on the go, which can be crucial for effective patient treatment. And according to the source, Mobile Enterprise 360 forum member Ranjani Rao is adamant that mobility can be considerably beneficial without causing a major disruption to operations.

"The first step to get started with mobility in a hospital is to identify the functional/operational areas that could be mobilized," she said, ITWorld reported. "Going mobile doesn't essentially mean replacing the core business applications. It only means accentuating the reachability of these core systems to access data anywhere, anytime and thus enabling better collaboration and faster decision making."

Adapting to technological changes can be difficult without best of breed integration services. To truly reap the benefits of the positive aspects of the latest mobile VoIP solutions and ensure a user-friendly experience, it's important to seek the support of a reputable provider.

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