UC provides firms with easy collaboration through IM, video conferencing

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Unified communications (UC) opens up enterprises to new methods of communication that can effectively mitigate the need for multiple kinds of technology, such as complicated voicemail tools, fax machines and separate video conferencing apps. According to CIO Magazine, adopting and implementing a UC solution is one of the main hurdles facing companies that are already accustomed to other strategies, but the news source has highlighted key reasons for upgrading.

The solution will allow for a federation of communication across many different channels. The source reported that the best method of training reluctant employees is to showcase the benefits of integrating a phone call with video software within the same IT infrastructure, rather than splitting the communication across apps like Skype or Google Hangout. 

Training for UC optimization
As UC solutions are designed to be simple for employees to utilize, CIO recommended that when companies prepare to introduce a new collaborative tool, they should slowly integrate the technology to suit the needs of the end users. This evolutionary process will allow for important business practices to remain at the forefront of importance and should allow for an easier transition. 

Individuals who are already familiar with models such as Skype or Facebook are more inclined to adopt the technology than are employees who do not share an affinity for collaboration. In this case, the news provider explained that testing new collaboration tools with a task-oriented approach instead of focusing on the new tools themselves will make bringing everyone up to speed easier to accomplish. By implementing the new solution slowly, CIO said that it was able to achieve more success overall.

The value of instant messaging (IM) is another unique collaborative tool that should be considered another incentive for making the transition. In a separate article, CIO highlighted the efficiency of IM and the ease with which it can be integrated into other UC strategies. Paul Zyla, vice president and CIO of AgStar Financial Services, told the source that using IM for something as easy as checking on other employees created better time efficiency in the work.

Video conferencing another reason to adopt UC
The potency of video conferencing in a collaborated UC strategy allows for higher volumes of attendance in a single meeting. CIO conflated the benefits of a chat-based interface, like IM, with the overall satisfaction of staff members who have already taken advantage of video conferencing by highlighting the ease of communication and the reduction in long-distance traveling to conference locations. In order to train a business on the functionality of video conferencing, Zyla said that a simple application was developed to calculate how much time and money was ultimately saved by implementing the video conferencing strategy. Once a business has integrated this strategy, it will often become easier for the broader world of UC to provide solutions for other needs. 

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