User experience is integral for UC development

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An industry emphasis on maximizing the user experience (UX) is a compelling reason for businesses to adopt a unified communications (UC) solution. NoJitter recently reported that UC developers have begun focusing on the UX more, realizing that the users of their products will succeed faster if their experience with the products is also optimized. 

App developers are consistently producing solutions that incorporate UC, and because of this, consumers anticipate that communications will be integrated, as well. According to the news source, smartphones are becoming ubiquitous tools that permeate the nature of business communications, and as such, integrating the broad capabilities of these tools into common practice has become a goal for many app developers.

Instant messaging and email
Instant messaging (IM), for instance, is essential for optimal UX because of how familiar it is as a means of communication for employees. The news source reported that as IM gains ground in enterprises as a function of professional UC, it has begun to subsume email as the top-ranked communications tool. 

NoJitter reported that a challenge with incorporating email into UC apps is the already widespread use of email communication. According to the news source, the prominence of email is not what complicates its integration so much as the difficulty app developers have leveraging enhanced UC solutions in place of it. By carefully integrating email into UC solutions, app developers can optimize the UX, according to the news source.

Mobile tools a positive resource
In order to increase the success of UC, developers are turning their attention to the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, especially in enterprises. According to the news source, contact lists and "click-to-call" features are becoming expected features in UC tools. Additionally, the integration of traditional communication, such as email, in a UC solution will provide users with the tools they need to consider a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy. 

According to GigaOm, the BYOD trend has made UX a must in UC solutions, but the apps must be very simple to use. Accommodating employees is a priority when considering UX, and because employers are hearing more staff members are demanding to utilize their own devices at work or on the go, UC app developers are tasked with creating an easy solution. As the source asserted, simplicity is key to creating this kind of app because it may help encourage more desire for this kind of UC strategy. 

"The challenge for UC is how to drive adoption up," said Christian Gilby, senior product manager for mobility with ShoreTel. "You have to deliver solutions that improve productivity while making the user experience attractive." 

As the industry continues to shift into the mobile sphere, developers of applications are consistently coming up with new methods of optimizing solutions to enhance productivity. Businesses should be looking for options now more than ever.

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