Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts

The Administrative Office of the United States Courts – Cisco BPA is a five year, single award contract. It provides courthouses and data centers throughout the Federal Judiciary with Cisco networking hardware, software, servers, storage, security, and SmartNet services. In addition, Red River is authorized to provide other limited ancillary Local Area Network (LAN) related products and services.


Contract Information


Contract Number:  USCA13B0011
Scope: Cisco networking hardware, software, servers, storage, security, Cisco SMARTnet® services and other Local Area Network (LAN) related products and services.

  • Cisco Networking Products
  • Cisco Storage Networking Products
  • Cisco Server Products
  • Cisco Security Products
  • Miscellaneous Cisco Products
  • Cisco SMARTnet Services
  • Ancillary LAN Services

Period of Performance: Five (5) years (One year base plus 4 one-year options).  Effective Dates: July 10, 2013 thru December 25, 2018.
Contract Terms: This is a Blanket Purchase Agreement. All BPA calls/orders issued against this agreement shall be firm fixed price and/or labor hour (Contact Red River for Additional Contract Terms and Details)
Processing Fees: None
Ceiling Amount: None


Contacts and Resources



Ali Kavianpour
Account Executive
Phone: 703-989-3000
Toll Free: 855-733-3650

Julia Wingate
Sales Account Manager
Phone: 443-690-0115
Toll Free: 855-733-3650

Brandon Pike
Inside Sales Account Manager
Phone: 571-353-6288
Toll Free: 855-733-3650

Phill Wieser
Program Manager

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Call Brandon Pike at 571-353-6288

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Additional Information

For instructions on creating a CCO account click here.

A Cisco Connection Online (CCO) account serves as your gateway to Cisco software, courses, calculators, information, and the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC). We strongly recommend creating a Cisco CCO account if you purchased any SMARTnet services.

Request Courts BPA Pricing from Cisco Global Price List Via Email.

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