Web Development and Managed Services for Texas DIR

Red River Web Development and Managed Services Contracts

Red River is proud to have been selected by the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) to provide Comprehensive Web Development and Managed Services under the DIR’s Cooperative Contracts Program.

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Why Red River for DBITS for Texas DIR?

  • Website Design and Development: Services include information architecture and UI/UX design, responsive web design, HTML5/CSS3 coding, and web form development.
  • Website Hosting: Cloud-based website hosting that supports 99.9% availability with hardware redundancy and unlimited scalability.
  • Accessibility: Perform accessibility test based on the Accessibility Standards: a) Section 508; b) WCAG 2.0; and c) TAC 206 and TAC 213.
  • Web Content Management: Support various Content Management Systems including Drupal, Umbraco and WordPress. CMS implementation and configuration, template design and implementation, content migration, content workflow design and configuration.
  • Maintenance, Training and Support: Website / web application maintenance and support, backup and restore, and CMS training.
  • Turnkey Solution: Provide turnkey solutions by integrating our website design and development services, web content management services, accessibility testing services, hosting services, and website maintenance and support services.

Contract Information

Contract Number: DIR-TSO-4197
To order any services under this contract, a DIR customer needs to have an executed Statement of Work (SOW) and an approved Purchase Order (PO). The PO must reference DIR Contract Number DIR-TSO-4197.

Contacts and Resources

Program Management

Mike Cardwell
Phone: (512) 796-1485


You can find the pricing of our services here.


All services provided by Red River are backed by a 30-day warranty. Any defects and service issues will be resolved at no cost within the warranty period.