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Understanding Texas Senate Bill 820

Lindsay Michael Network Security, News

Overview On June 10, Texas Senate Bill 820 was signed by Governor Abbott to require Texas school districts to adopt a cybersecurity policy, effective September 1, 2019. In short, TX SB 820 requires school districts to: Adopt a cybersecurity framework Create a program to identify risk Develop a plan to mitigate critical areas of risk Designate a Cybersecurity Coordinator to …

SECURITY INTELLIGENCE: Correlating and Detecting a Threat

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The 2017 data security landscape is more hazardous and risky than any previous year. Organizations are struggling with the reality that the tools they rely on to protect their network and data can’t keep up with today’s advance cyber threats. To combat these more sophisticated cyber threats, organizations must upgrade their monitoring to an equally sophisticated and comprehensive management tool. …

Does your strategy for enterprise mobility cover all 3 security bases?

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Mark your calendars: 2015 was the year U.S. business owners learned the hard way their cybersecurity strategies need greater attention. According to a report compiled by the Identity Theft Resource Center, commercial businesses experienced 4 out of every 10 publicly reported breaches across all sectors last year. More alarming, the math seems to indicate an evolution in the nature of enterprise breaches …