Physical Security

Strengthen Your Security Stance

Red River’s Physical Security Practice has over 15 years of experience helping federal and enterprise customers strengthen their security stance with strategically-integrated data- and network-centric solutions designed to optimize security management, protect critical assets, enable situational awareness and drive operational efficiencies.

Empowering Proactive Physical Security

A definitive, proactive approach is required to protect and defend valuable assets, infrastructure, facilities and perimeters from today’s highly-sophisticated security threats. As a systems integrator with deep security, networking, data center and mobility expertise, Red River is empowers proactive physical security along with mobility and collaboration for organizations of all sizes.

Strategic Solutions

Red River has a demonstrated track record of deploying the following strategic physical security solutions:

  • Video Surveillance: Eliminate the complexities of analog to IP video migrations, utilize video analytics to improve service delivery as well as security, and expand existing systems to enable new capabilities.
  • Intrusion Detection: Detect and protect perimeters and buildings from unwanted intrusions with integrated IP-network-based facility protection solutions.
  • Physical Access Control: Enable IP-based access control and remote lock-down to meet and exceed HSPD-12 and other regulatory compliance mandates.
  • Physical Security Information Management: Integrate and analyze data from disparate physical security devices and systems while automating operations center management.
  • Environmental Controls: Protect systems, buildings and support infrastructure from external and environmental threats.

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