Managed IT Services in New York

Managed IT Services NYC

There are few markets as competitive as the New York market. Rather than fighting to procure talented, expert specialists for your internal IT department, why not consider the advantages of a managed service provider?

Managed IT Services NYC

Managed IT services take all the pain of managing your own IT department out of your business. Rather than having to focus on building up, training, hiring, and retaining an internal IT team, you can instead focus on your business. A managed service provider in NYC can bring major benefits towards:


A managed IT service is far more affordable than maintaining an internal IT department. With a managed service provider in NYC, you only either an affordable fixed rate, or an hourly rate based on the services that you need. With an internal IT department, you need to pay the wages for employees whether they're actively working or not.


MSPs are able to provide IT support 24/7, giving your organization the support that it needs to continue to operate effectively without any major disruptions.


Since MSPs are able to handle IT support tickets for your organization, your organization is free to concentrate on other, more important things. Time is something that isn't plentiful for any business, let alone the businesses in NYC.


MSPs can complete work more efficiently due to their additional resources. As talented as your internal IT department may be, they may not have the expertise and specialization that an MSP can provide.


An IT support organization can provide better technology and superior resources to the fight against cybercrime, a constantly growing threat.

Fully managed services, co-managed services, and other solutions — they’re all available for businesses that want to be able to scale. If your organization is trying to grow (or just stabilize its IT department), a managed IT service in New York can help.

Finding the Right Managed Service Provider NYC

Organizations can find it difficult to find the right managed IT services. There are many MSPs out there, but finding the right one relies upon many factors.

What services does the MSP offer? If you use Azure, do they offer Azure expertise? If you use Microsoft’s suite of apps, are they experts in Office 365? Make sure that your MSP is an expert in the technology that your organization uses the most.
What service level agreements can they offer? What is their standard uptime, and are they able to guarantee that tickets will be answered within a certain time frame?
How cost-effective is the managed IT service? The most affordable service isn't always best. Ask about the cost of the service and where the costs are allocated.
Reviews are a great way to get a sense of an organization and whether it's a trustworthy one. Look the organization up in the Better Business Bureau and third-party review sites.

It can be worth it to take the time to find a managed services provider in the greater NYC area that works best for you.

Types of Managed IT Services New York

A managed service is best when it’s tailored to the business. While the managed service will be customized to fulfill the needs of the business, there are three major types available.

Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey solutions give a company a complete, outsourced IT department. The organization itself doesn't have to do anything. The managed service provider will handle everything for them, from start to finish.

Co-Managed Solutions

With co-managed solutions, the organization can still retain control over some of its infrastructure, but the rest of the infrastructure will be managed by the MSP.

On-Site Support

On-site support provides for even more advanced support, with on-site staff working with remote staff to further improve upon operations.

Depending on your organization’s size and needs, you may need a different type of managed service. But how do you know? You can get started by contacting Red River today.