Emerging tools offer new methods for conferencing

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In today's constantly mobile workforce, it is imperative for enterprises to have proper communication tools in place to support conferences from anytime, anywhere and on any device. Fortunately, advancements in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) and video conferencing have allowed businesses to conduct meetings in a more flexible yet dynamic manner. This supports effective decision-making on-the-go, enabling mobile and remote working as well as a considerable competitive edge.

Voxilla explained that it has become easier than ever to make sure staff is on the same page at all times due to these technological advancements. Additionally, new collaboration tools have allowed organizations to stay up and running and productive, even when staff cannot be in the same place. The source pointed to VoIP video conferencing solutions as particularly beneficial for these purposes. One way in which these tools support connectivity, the news source noted, is by offering the ability to host meetings with partners or colleagues in geographically distributed locations. However, Voxilla pointed out that each enterprise has unique needs, and therefore advised determining whether a video element would be necessary or valuable.

With most VoIP providers, there is the option of incorporating video features or merely relying on voice. Video conferencing can be useful, as the visual aspect of facial cues has been proven to facilitate more dynamic discussions while minimizing misunderstandings. However, some firms may not need this level of presence and may opt for a more basic voice plan.

Voxilla emphasized that an especially notable advantage of virtual conferencing technologies is that by making telework possible, companies have the opportunity to leverage top talent and resources from all over the world. Firms are no longer limited to professionals in the immediate area because the latest collaboration tools make it easier than ever before to manage remote staff.

New flexibility
According to ITWorld, the emergence and rising popularity WebRTC has been transforming enterprises' ability to collaborate from disparate locations. The source explained that by allowing multimedia communications through browsers, these tools enable users to simply click a button to launch a video conference without requiring clients to download and configure any additional plug-ins.

"Our opinion is that WebRTC will be a major revolution in the way that Web software and mobile applications are developed because it enables real-time interactions in a way that's never been possible before," Doug Michaelides, managing director for Macadamian Technologies, told the news source.

Hosted conferencing solutions can greatly reduce travel costs while still supporting a professional appearance to partners and clients, which is key for successful mobility initiatives.

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