Experts say it’s time to embrace telework and BYOD

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Two of the most prevalent trends impacting enterprises today are bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and telework. Both of these policies can be incredibly beneficial for companies, often boosting employee satisfaction while simultaneously lowering costs. And in recent years, it has become increasingly clear that embracing BYOD and remote working may be key for a competitive advantage.

Small Business Trends reported that according to recent research by Citrix, small businesses that adopt telework are realizing productivity gains of more than 30 percent. The study also found that one-third of small business owners say that there is higher pressure to either offer or expand their flexible work options compared to five years ago. The news source explained that this indicates any company which fails to adopt telework or mobile working programs may soon be in the minority. Citrix determined that employees are actually the main source of pressure for firms to allow remote working, with nearly 30 percent of staff members asking for these options. 

New staff demands
Small Business Trends asserted that another major factor in this rising demand for telework is BYOD. The news provider revealed that in 42 percent of small companies, employees in all departments are now asking to use their personal devices for work purposes, and staff members in 68 percent of American firms already do so. Employees are pushing for BYOD because it's more convenient and enables them to blend their work and personal lives. However, the source noted that certain devices are more useful in these efforts. While 65 percent of Citrix's respondents named smartphones as their most relied-on device, 25 percent cited tablets. Additionally, Small Business Trends explained that nearly half of respondents agree that collaboration tools such as video conferencing make meetings more productive. In fact, 32 percent also said these solutions are necessary for dealing with distributed work teams.

According to Financial Review, the way in which employers relate to their staff has been changing drastically. One of the reasons for this is the consumerization of IT: As workers gain access to more advanced tools and devices, they are increasingly demanding the use of these gadgets for maximum flexibility. Inefficient communication systems and slow Internet connections can limit workers' capabilities and performance. The source reported that Julie Caplinger, head of talent selection at Aon Hewitt, is adamant that digital technologies are crucial for people to properly do their jobs. Additionally, the news provider revealed that the recent Deloitte Access Economics study found that enterprises whose employees were most satisfied with their IT policies had allowed BYOD and telework, as well as encouraged the use of collaboration technologies.

The advantages of telework and BYOD have clearly become too significant to ignore.

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