Telework brings increased flexibility, employee retention

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The strong advantages of working from home are continuously being explored by businesses that hope to create a more flexible office structure for their employees. With these options, staff members are able to commute digitally by utilizing collaborative tools. Additionally, as more businesses leverage a teleworking solution, new data is being produced that helps propel this option throughout more industries. 

Widespread use of telework leading to increased schedule flexibility
WorldatWork reported that almost 90 percent of businesses are utilizing some kind of telecommuting option. The idea of flexible scheduling is a contributing factor in this model, however, the survey also revealed that fewer employers are providing these alternative practices. Regardless of the reported decline in support of workplace flexibility, the source noted that it is likely that these findings are due to a more organized and expert approach to remote access innovations in the traditional office model. 

According to BusinessNewsDaily, flexible schedules enhance employee productivity. The ability for a staff member to choose where they work provides them with a sense of control over their surroundings, allowing for optimal comfort and a reduction in office-related distractions that might impede productivity. Additionally, the news source reported that these benefits to the working model are also beneficial to the employer because of a marked increase in engagement and motivation. 

Aside from enhanced flexibility, what does telework provide?
Satisfaction is an important factor in strong employee performance. Additionally, work-life balance becomes crucial in order to maintain prolonged production quality. The source noted that because telework helps companies achieve these credentials, upper management ultimately benefits from allowing this solution as an option because of how it boosts output and strengthens retention. 

WorldatWork reported that in addition to satisfying the needs of long-distance commuters, telework enables businesses to provide more unique initiatives, such as off-site training and remote conferencing. By integrating unified communications (UC), organizations that roll out a telecommuting option are also capable of lowering their absenteeism rates during important company meetings. Advances in video and audio equipment have made it possible for employees to appear is if they're in the room, despite being miles away. 

With a flexible schedule offering like telework, businesses can also entice potential candidates who would be the top choices for positions if it weren't for their inability to commute. In this scenario, companies can still make use of talented individuals whose only flaw is their physical distance. 

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