Video conferencing benefits depend on the right provider

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Video conferencing technologies have gained increasing attention in recent years. As enterprises become more geographically distributed, these solutions can empower them to conduct dynamic, successful meetings with partners, clients and other parties all around the world. Further, many businesses have embraced telework​ in recent years, and video conferencing can help to keep remote employees connected to colleagues and managers. However, in order to leverage these potential benefits, it's crucial for companies to be selective in choosing a provider that can offer integration services and help desk  support. This ensures a quality user experience and optimal functionality of the technologies.

A OneStopClick report explained that free, consumer-grade video conferencing tools can be attractive for smaller businesses due to affordability, but there are other costs involved in using them. For one, the report noted that these services tend to be vulnerable to fluctuations and delays from the network and overburdened bandwidth. This can cause multiple interruptions that frustrate users. Furthermore, the source asserted that low-cost solutions tend to frequently drop calls, which can be extremely detrimental during an important business discussion. OneStopClick also stated that there tends to be inconsistent quality and lags between the video and audio, which can create a disorienting experience because words don't always sync up with the speaker's mouth. 

"Any business using a consumer grade video conferencing service is likely to incur hidden costs such as lost opportunities, lost time and lost credibility with clients and suppliers due to the poor quality of the video conferencing experience," the report stated. "Low-cost video conferencing services might have the unintended consequence of making the business look 'smaller' than it actually is."

Choosing wisely
Another critical consideration, according to OneStopClick, is security. The report revealed that services like Skype have become a target for spammers and hackers, and the security technology is not usually interoperable with standards-based solutions. Business-grade tools on the other hand have been developed using industry grade security protocols, which can give an enterprise assurance that sensitive corporate data is protected.

When selecting a video conferencing provider, Gadget explained that it's important to choose a solution that allows users to join by audio and video, as well as share content, on any devices, wherever an employee may be. This optimizes the potential for collaboration. Gadget also pointed out that there are viable cloud-based solutions now for companies that don't wish to invest extensively in any hardware. Most importantly, the source stressed that it's crucial to select a proven video solution, either on-premises or in the cloud, that is offered by a reliable and trusted service provider.

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