Virtualize, Deploy and Scale End-user’s Applications to the Cloud in Minutes with Red River’s Remote Workforce Assist

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Remote work is increasing every day. Due to COVID-19 and social distancing mandates, employers have had to react fast to transition to a remote workforce. According to a recent study by Gallup, the number of Americans working remote has doubled since mid-March to 62%. However, this quick transition to a remote workforce has not come without its challenges.  

Most organizations don’t have the technology infrastructure in place to support an all-remote workforce. Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), collaboration tools, voice solutions and cloud backups can create a solid foundation for remote work, but many organizations don’t have the time or expertise to get an entire workforce remote fast. 

Red River’s Remote Workforce Assist provides a fast, all-inclusive and secure solution for a remote workforce. Red River can help your organization virtualize, deploy and scale all the essential tools your team needs to keep productivity, collaboration, and communication on track. The best part? It can be done in minutes.  

This solution can be simplified into a three-step process that includes modernized desktop mirroring, collaboration and calling capabilities through Microsoft Teams, and an essential Azure Disaster Recovery solution to prepare for a worst-case scenario. 

STEP 1: Remote Desktop 

Remote work can be hard, and we understand that your employees want access to the applications they need fast. Red River can deliver a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution within the hour. Our team will provide you with a Windows 10 virtual desktop from the cloud, that is available from any location and on any device. This means your employees can benefit from a secure cloud platform that delivers Windows applications and desktops to users on any device with a browser.  

This solution saves your employees the headache of downloading and learning new programs or software. Employees can now use their personal devices without security concerns or complicated installations. Red River will work with your organization to create a unique experience for different user types to provide a secure, simple and tailored experience 

STEP 2: Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams is your one-stop shop to live chat, share files, meet virtually and even make phone calls. Instead of jumping around to different applications, Teams can streamline your collaboration and maximize productivity. Red River’s collaboration experts can get you enterprise access and integrate it with your digital environment in no time.   

Many organizations are already using Office 365 in some way, which makes Microsoft Teams an easy solution. We can enable your licenses to allow for seamless collaboration through meetings, live events and calling. Our Customer Success Managers can support adoption and best practices with expert training to get your team collaborating better than ever. 

STEP 3: Azure Disaster Recovery 

A disaster of any kind can severely impact your organization’s data and security. And when it happens, you wish you had prepared ahead of time. With Azure Disaster Recovery and Red River, your organizations can rest assured that your data is in good hands. Our team will ensure all your business essentials are in the cloud. Our Disaster Recovery Solution includes the following:  

  • Affordable Protection- Red River will help you obtain recovery time objective (RTO) and low recovery point objective (RPO) targets for all of your major IT Systems. 
  • Security- Red River will provide unified data management, security and data protection to make sure your information is stored safely in the cloud. 
  • Application Management- Our team will make sure your applications are running properly when they are needed most. While other solutions can take weeks to restore your applications, Azure Disaster Recovery can begin business functionality within hours. 
  • Frequent Testing- Red River will ensure that all of your systems are kept up to date through analytics and dev-tests without impacting your users. 

The solutions made available by the cloud are more attractive than ever as the remote workforce increases across the globe. Red River’s Remote Workforce Assist bundle offers a fast, comprehensive solution to support your remote workforce. Our expert team will assist you every step of the way and ensure that your organization is able to enable productivity from any location and on any device. Discover how Red River can get you remote ready today.