Technology to enhance patient care.

Beyond our superior technology expertise, Red River’s healthcare team understands the intricacies and complex challenges of clinical environments. We work with you to design and deliver advanced healthcare solutions, services and support, so you can take on both technology and clinical care initiatives with ease. Plus, our extensive healthcare partner ecosystem makes it possible for Red River to provide a one-stop-shop to address a wide range of issues in the areas of clinical workflow, facilities, EMR, medical devices, security, regulatory issues, compliance and more.

Strategic Solutions

Red River helps hospitals, clinics, telemedicine providers, academic medical centers, VA facilities and healthcare organizations.

  • Assist in Improving Patient Care and Reducing Risk
  • Meet EMR/EHR Mandates and Meaningful Use Standards
  • Drive Collaboration and Empower Mobility
  • Enhance HIPAA Security and Compliance
  • Boost User Adoption and Maximize ROI
  • Deliver Guest and Patient Wireless Networks
  • Improving Clinical Outcomes

Available Resources

Spotlight on Success

Delivering Flexible, Scalable Storage On Demand For VA

The VA needed to modernize its aging storage environment and meet provisions of the federal “Cloud-First” mandate. Due to the private nature of their data and HIPAA compliance issues, they needed to ensure absolute control and privacy for their storage environment and required a private on-site solution. In developing a comprehensive solution, Red River utilized its Innovation Center to test every component in a secure environment prior to launch. The final solution allowed the VA to keep patient data on site while delivering flexible, scalable as-a-Service storage options in an on-demand basis.