Red River


About Red River

Red River is a technology integrator committed to helping customers optimize business processes and maximize the value of technology investments. Widely regarded for our special focus on the U.S. government, Red River has developed a remarkable reputation for delivering technology solutions and services to military and civilian agencies and the companies that serve them.

Our core values of hard work and honesty fuel our central mission to make IT personal.


What Makes Us Different


In a crowded field of competitors, Red River offers six key differentiators:

1. Personal Touch: The personal touch and individual dedication of our people is pervasive at Red River. Whether working from our New England corporate office, satellite locations or the field, we aim to make technology personal and deliver performance beyond expectations.

2. Depth and Breadth: Red River is able to offer our customers any technology product they require, along with a full suite of services, from pre-sale consulting and integration to implementation and post-sale support.

3. Partner Ecosystem: Red River has strong relationships with a list of elite partners, ranging from hardware to services to software providers. Additionally, our staff maintains a portfolio of certifications and credentials that is rare for companies of any size.

4. Secure Supply Chain: We have developed a “touchless” system for securely delivering IT products, based on government procurement rules and regulations. The system ensures our customers don’t receive so-called gray market materials or products originating from unauthorized suppliers or countries.

5. Contract Vehicles: We have the contract vehicles in place to allow our customers to transact business in a secure and cost-effective manner.

6. Integration Capabilities: Red River provides engineering, integration and secure supply chain services to support the deployment of technology solutions.


Red River Makes  IT  Personal


Red River is different.  We have years of experience serving customers in the commercialciviliandefenseintelligence and healthcare markets.  And we’ve built a tremendous reputation among them for our superior expertise and personal touch.  Our goal is to make technology personal.  We understand your mission and offer the capabilities and technology required to solve your critical data center, security, network infrastructure, collaboration and functional mobility challenges.