A Faster Path to Cloud


It’s simple: companies that adopt cloud services benefit from faster time to market, improved process efficiency and reduced IT spending, in addition to the improved workforce mobility and collaboration inherent in always-available data. However, choosing the right platform can be daunting, and migration efforts are complex and require expertise most teams don’t have on hand.

Red River can guide your journey to the cloud and unleash the many benefits of cloud computing in your business. We offer the full spectrum of cloud services, from procurement to ongoing maintenance and management to application development. Whether its AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud, we have the experience and certifications to get the most out of your cloud investment.

Strategic Solutions

Our cloud experts can help you with:

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Government Cloud

Why Red River

  • Understand the marketplace and how your data can be shared and protected
  • Select the right platform(s) to invest in for today and into the future
  • Bring a pragmatic, customized roadmap and plan to adopt Cloud for your organization
  • Leverage our quality operations, contracting and logistics teams to streamline your acquisition and adoption experience
  • Focus on the full lifecycle of technology – from planning and implementation through operations, support and future enhancements

Cloud Journey

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1: Assess

TCO calculations based on detailed infrastructure performance analysis to find best fit cloud configs and accurately forecast costs.

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2: Plan

Map application and workload dependencies, examine “what if” scenarios (regions, instance types, pricing plans), run PoC and finalize migration plan.

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3: Migrate

Seamlessly migrate applications and workloads to the cloud with zero data loss and near zero downtime.

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4: Manage

Ongoing governance, policy management, capacity and resource planning, monitoring, patching, security and identity management and cost optimization.

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