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Under NASA SEWP V, Red River provides federal agencies, government contractors and government-owner contractor-operated (GOCO) organizations with access to an array of focused Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Audio Visual (AV) products and solutions, including hardware; software; maintenance; warranty; product-based engineering, installation and implementation services; and product training.


Why Red River for SEWP V?

  • Best value SEWP V portfolio with over 1 million innovative products and best-in-class services
  • Proven past performance.  Under NASA SEWP IV, Red River: Successfully managed over $900M in deliverables, Was the number one revenue producer during the last fiscal year of SEWP IV, Ranked among the top 5 providers during the duration of SEWP IV and Maintained continual performance rating of Excellent
  • Established SEWP management team with highly-skilled incumbent program management and sales professionals dedicated to maximizing value for customers
  • In-depth technical expertise in Server Support, Multi-Functional Devices, Networking, Security, Video and Conference Tools
  • Top-level partnerships with SEWP V OEMs, including Cisco Systems, Dell, HP, EMC, NetApp, Apple and more


Contract Information


Status: Prime Contractor
Contract Numbers: NNG15SC85B (Group C-Small Business), NNG15SC46B (Group D)
Available for Use By: All Federal Agencies, Government Contractors and Government-Owner Contractor-Operated (GOCO) Organizations
Period of Performance: Ten (10) Years
Processing Fees: 0.36% included in line item pricing. There is no longer a $10,000 Cap.
Ceiling Amount: $20,000,000,000


Contacts and Resources


Program Management

Jo Purdy
Program Manager
603-442-5546 phone

Jana Barry
Deputy Program Manager
603.442.5521 phone

Red River Sales Support

Kush Kumar
Primary Sales POC
703-880-9751 phone

Additional Information

SEWP Delivery Orders (DOs) must be routed to the NASA SEWP Program Office: using the official SEWP cover sheet.

SEWP Website

SEWP Helpline

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