Red River Web and Cloud Services TIPS Contract

Red River is proud to provide Cloud services under The Interlocal Purchasing System, or TIPS Purchasing Cooperative. We look forward to providing TIPS members with a comprehensive menu of Cloud offerings that will ultimately increase efficiencies, reduce costs, improve operational scalability, provide business continuity, increase collaboration and drive system improvements.

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Why Red River for Cloud Services?

With a dedicated Cloud practice, Red River knows how to minimize cloud complexity and address security concerns while delivering transparency and control. TIPS Member Entities can select an array of capabilities, technologies and services that empower cloud while freeing them from the outdated rollercoaster of IT cost demands. Red River provides the following Cloud services:
  • Deployments and Managed Hosting
  • Cloud Storage-on-Demand Solutions
  • Leading SaaS Offerings
  • On-prem to Cloud Workload and Application Migration and Refactoring- IaaS and PaaS Adoption Services for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Private Cloud
  • Cloud portable application modernization by leveraging PaaS container model
  • On-prem automation and extension to public multi-cloud brokerage
  • Workload analytics for determining optimal cloud placement
  • Cloud Brokerage Service Catalog for menu-based selection and automation of on-prem and/or cloud resources

Contract Information

Contract Number: 190103 Web and Cloud Computing Services
To order any services under this contract, you must have a current TIPS Membership. Follow the steps “How to Make a TIPS Purchase” as described on the TIPS-USA website. Please direct any other inquiries to TIPS@redriver.com.

Contacts and Resources

Program Management

Phill Wieser
Program Manager
Phone: (703) 577-1044

Red River TIPS Sales

Eric Hardy
TIPS Sales Contact
Phone: (512) 963-7778

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