Introducing Managed SD-WAN

Red River’s End-to-End Software Defined Networking Solution

An organization’s Wide Area Network (WAN) has traditionally been painful to manage due to the frequent circuit problems and remote hardware locations. Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) can address these issues by intelligently identifying applications and routing traffic across multiple links based on SLAs. But adopting any technology requires education, resources and time which may be difficult for an already overburdened IT staff which is too busy firefighting to work on strategic initiatives for your organization.

Managed SD-WAN is Red River’s end-to-end solution designed to relieve this burden as a reliable, cost-effective way of integrating SD-WAN technology into an organization’s network infrastructure..

Our solution goes beyond installation: we work with Internal IT to completely integrate and manage the solution. With Managed SD-WAN, the customer owns all the networking equipment while we help to maintain it.


Managed SD-WAN is designed to make SD-WAN adoption simple and easy.

Our core solution is a blend of Cisco SD-WAN technology with Red River Managed Services to provide a complete technology transformation experience. By partnering with Cisco, Red River can both deploy next-gen networking technology and support day-to-day network operations through our Managed Services.

Managed SD-WAN is a 3-step process:

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  • Our team of experienced and certified architects and engineers will hold design discussions regarding your organization’s current state– network, security, applications and users; and create a tailored SD-WAN solution.
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  • After working with your stakeholders to finalize a migration plan, we will seamlessly migrate your organization to the SD-WAN network.
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  • Red River’s Managed Services offer end-to-end networking support, including: ongoing governance, policy management, monitoring, patching and security.
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