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Business doesn’t have to stop. Red River can help.

Governments, companies and educational institutions are turning to remote solutions to slow the spread of COVID-19. However, an infrastructure designed to support a work from home policy is not necessarily prepared to support a remote workforce – a scenario most organizations haven’t prepared for and aren’t ready to navigate. Many organizations have begun the journey to the Cloud and SaaS offerings, but are faced with the challenge to understand how to balance the access model between those and other mission critical application on-premises.

From determining if your infrastructure can potentially support an all-remote workforce to understanding and/or mitigating the variables outside your control to providing the tools and training to support your employees, Red River stands ready to help. Our solutions are designed to get your workforce remote-ready as soon as possible to prevent disruption in productivity and service, while providing visibility into the costs associated.

Remote Assessment

A huge uptick in remote work – maybe even an all-remote workforce – might not be a scenario you ever considered. Take our self-assessment that covers different components of remote work: your network, data center, collaboration tools and security. This 20-minute assessment will give Red River a clear picture of your environment and where you may need additional resources so we can quickly advise you on next steps.

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Red River can deliver a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution within the hour. This means your employees can leverage a secure cloud platform that delivers Windows applications and desktops to users on any device with a browser. Employees can use their personal devices without security concerns or complicated software installations.

The best part? While DaaS can be ready in minutes, not days. Red River can begin your set-up immediately, and you can deliver virtual workspaces for your team in under an hour.

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Authenticate Users

Integration with a wide range of Single Sign On providers or traditional AD systems from your server.
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Run Applications

Office 365, AutoCad, Adobe – whatever tools you need are quickly added via your sandbox.
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Integrate Storage

One-click integration with your existing cloud storage solution for easy access to the files you need.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration can’t stop just because teams can’t meet in person – we can help you move it online. Red River has deep expertise with both Cisco WebEx and Microsoft Teams, and both can keep your employees connected and on track.

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Cisco WebEx

Cisco is offering 90-day free licenses of its WebEx platform. Red River can set up and deploy it in minutes, and your employees can either download and install the application or run it straight from their web browser. We can even integrate your existing Cisco phone system for easy calling. WebEx Teams can add messaging, file sharing, video meetings, interactive white boarding using iPads or other supported devices, and other tools to maximize your remote collaboration.
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Microsoft Teams

Many companies are already using 0365, which makes Microsoft Teams an easy solution. We can enable your licenses if you don’t already have them activated, move you from other less-robust platforms into Teams and help drive adoption. Many companies simply aren’t using the application effectively. Our Customer Success Team can provide clear and comprehensive end-user training to get your employees comfortable with the platform.

Virtual Classroom

Closing physical schools doesn’t have to mean a total loss of valuable instruction hours. Schools can leverage a WebEx platform with a 90-day free license from Cisco. WebEx can integrate with existing learning management systems to organize all aspects of virtual education from a central location that fits into educators’ current workflow. Students can access the platform via a browser window on their computer or mobile device. Red River can also match you with an additional analytics solution to provide attendance reports, track student engagement and collect important feedback on the experience.

  • Students can attend classes remotely in a virtual classroom or watch lecture recordings when it is convenient.
  • Administrators can centralize collaboration via voice, video, chat, and file sharing on the same platform as all academic and administrative functions.
  • Teachers and administrators can log in, schedule classes or office hours and sync calendars with a single click.
  • Teachers can hold virtual office hours wherever and whenever, flexible to schedules of educators, students and parents

Remote Workforce Assist

Tired of making decisions? The elasticity offered by the cloud is more attractive than ever as the remote access load increases exponentially. Our Remote Workforce Assist bundle offers a comprehensive solution to support your remote workforce. Our expert team delivers a modernized mirroring solution to keep your end-users working productively, an advanced collaboration and calling platform with Microsoft Teams, and an essentials disaster recovery solution to prevent any additional disruptions in business continuity.

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These days, security is never not an issue. Security must continue to be approached with a layered perspective across multiple controls and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. VPNs can provide security and access to a remote workforce but having a VPN does not guarantee success. With many organizations feeling the “need for speed,” Red River offers a variety of options to get started and keep workers productive while offering continuous deployment models to implement additional layers increasing secure access to additional critical applications.

Our Virtual Desktop and Desktop-as-a-Service solutions allow security to be managed in the native environment, so you don’t need to spend time and resources on much more complicated endpoint protection. Red River can help you leverage cloud security tools and platforms that can scale up to support more remote access through more devices, and/or deploy artificial intelligence advanced threat detection for extra piece of mind.

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